Mantra: Sarab Nirantar

Complete Mantra:
Too(n) ghatt ghatt antar sarab nirantar jee har ayko purakh samaanaa
Eik daatay eik bhaykhaaree jee sabh taeray choj viddhaanaa
Too(n) aapay daataa aapay bhugataa jee ho tudh bin avar n jaanaa
Too(n) paarabraham beant beant jee tayray kiaa gun aakh vakhaanaa
Jo sayvehay jo sayvehay tudh jee jan naanak tin kurbaanaa

You are constant in each and every heart, and in all things.
O Dear lord, you are the one.
Some are givers, and some are beggars.
This is all your wondrous play.
You yourself are the giver, and you yourself are the enjoyer.
I know no other than you.
You are the supreme lord God, limitless and infinite.
What virtues of yours can I speak of and describe?
Unto those who serve you, unto those who serve you, dear lord, servant Nanak is a sacrifice.

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So Purkh, from Rehiraas

Guru Ram Das


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