Mantra: Sanu Ik Pal Chain Na Aave

Complete Mantra:
Sanu ik pal chain na aave
Sajna tere bina
Dil kamla dub dub jaave
Sajna tere bina
Khuda, dushman kise nu vi hijar da rog na laave
Zamana marda thaane, judai jaan pai khave
Beqadre naal preetan laake aiyhon kuj hi hona
Soonjian raavan thakde raina, kalea beh ke roovan
Beparvai aadat teri ve [???] aasan rakhian
Suthre bhag na jaage mere, sohn na dendian aakhiyan
Than ve pyasa, man ve pyasa tenu kol bulavan
Toon aavain te jaan na deevan javain te mar ja

I cannot find a moments peace
My beloved, without you
My foolish heart sinks lower and lower,
My beloved, without you
May the lord not even give an enemy the illness of separation.
The world taunts me while this separation eats away my soul.
Falling in love with someone ungrateful, this is what will happen;
Remain staring down the lonely paths (hoping the beloved will return), to sit and cry alone.
Your habits are those of an uncaring, I've kept [???] hopes My sleeping destiny has not awakened; my eyes don't let me sleep.
My body thirsts (for you), my mind also thirsts (for you), I want to call you near.
If you come I will not leave you leave. If you leave, I shall die.

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Traditional Punjabi Song

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

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