Mantra: Saacha Sahib Saach Naaee

Complete Mantra:
Saachaa sahib saach naaee
Bhaakheeaa Bhaao apaar
Aakheh mangeh dayh dayh
Daat karay daataar
Fayr ki agai rakheeai
Jit disai darbaar
Muho ki bolan boleeay
Jit sun dharay piaar
Amrit vaylaa sach naao
Vadiaaee veechaar
Karmee aavai kapraa
Nadaree mokh duaar
Naanak ayvai jaaneeay
Sabh aapay sachiaar

True is the master, true is his name, spoken with infinite love.
People beg and pray, "give to us, give to us," and the great giver keeps giving his gifts.
What then, should we place in offering before him, by which we might see his court?
And which words should we utter, that by hearing them, his love might be evoked?
In the Amrit Vela, the ambrosial hours before the dawn,
Chant the true name, and reflect deeply upon his glorious greatness.
By the karma of your past actions, the robe of this physical body has been obtained.
By his grace, the Gate of liberation is found.
O Nanak, know this well: The true one, himself, is all-in-all.

More Information:
The Fourth Pauree blesses those trapped in feelings of poverty and lack of means. It blasts through
the trap of these feelings like a thunderbolt from the blue.

Siri Guru Granth Sahib

Guru Nanak Dev Ji


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