Mantra: Jat Pahaaraa

Complete Mantra:
Jat pahaaraa dheeraj suniaar
Aharan mat vayd hathiaar
Bhau khalaa agan tap taao
Bhandaa bhaao amrit tit dhaal
Ghareeai shabad sachee taksaal
Jin kau nadar karam tin kaar
Naanak nadaree nadar nihaal

Let self-control be your furnace, and patience your goldsmith.
Let understanding be your anvil, and spiritual wisdom be your hammer.
With the fear of god as your bellows,
Fan the flames of the body's inner heat, the tapa.
In the crucible of love, melt the Nectar of the Name,
And mint the true coin of the Shabad, the word of God.
Such is the labor of those upon whom he has cast his glance of grace.
O Nanak, the Merciful lord, by his grace, uplifts and exalts them!

More Information:
The thirty-eighth pauree gives you the power to rewrite your own destiny.
Translation, transliteration and comments courtesy of: Psyche of the Soul, by Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji et al. Copyright 1993 Hand Made Books.

Siri Guru Granth Sahib

Guru Nanak Dev Ji


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