Japji Pauri 36 also known as Giaan Khand Meh Giaan Parchand 

Complete Mantra: 
giaan khand meh giaan parchand. 
tithai naad binod kod anand. 
saram khand kee banee roop. 
tithai ghaarhat gharhee-ai bahut anoop. 
taa kee-aa galaa kathee-aa naa jaahi. 
jay ko kahai pichhai pachhutaa-ay. 
tithai gharhee-ai surat mat man buDh. 
tithai gharhee-ai suraa siDhaa kee suDh. ||36|| 

More Information: 
In the realm of wisdom, spiritual wisdom reigns supreme. 
The Sound Current of the Naad vibrates there, amidst the sounds and the sights of bliss. 
In the realm of humility, the Word is Beauty. 
Forms of incomparable beauty are fashioned there. 
These things cannot be described. 
One who tries to speak of these shall regret the attempt. 
The intuitive consciousness, intellect, and understanding of the mind are shaped there. 
The consciousness of the spiritual warriors and the Siddhas, the beings of spiritual perfection, are shaped there. ||36|| 

The Thirty-Sixth Pauri brings divine realization. It grants complete understanding of the heavens and the earth. 


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