Mantra: Hey Gobind Hey Gopaal

Complete Mantra:
Malhaar mehaa 5.
hey gobind hey gopaal hey dayaal laal. (1) rahaao.
paraan naath anaath sakhay deen darad nivaar. (1)
he samrath agam pooran mohi mayaa dhaar. (2)
andh koop mahaa bhayaan Naanak paar utaar. (3)(8)(30)

Malaar, Fifth Mehl:
O Lord of the Universe, O Lord of the World, O Dear Merciful Beloved. (1)(Pause)
You are the Master of the breath of life, the Companion of the lost and forsaken, the Destroyer of the pains of the poor. (1)
O All-powerful, Inaccessible, Perfect Lord, please shower me with Your Mercy. (2)
Please, carry Nanak across the terrible, deep dark pit of the world to the other side. (3)(8)(30)

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Mantra and translation courtesy of:

Siri Guru Granth Sahib

Guru Arjun Dev Ji


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