Mantra: Gunghata Ka Pata Khola Re

Complete Mantra:
Gunghata ka pata khola re!
to he piya milenge.
Ghata ghata me vaha sai ramata,
katuka vachana mata bola re.
Dhana jobana ko garab na kijai
jhutha pacharanga chola re.
Sunna mahala me diyana barile,
asana se mata dola re.
Jaga jugatase ranga-mahal me
piya payo anamola re.

Lift up the veil and meet your beloved!
When it's the Lord who dwells in every heart,
why do you say such bitter things?
Speak sweetly, and you will meet your beloved!
Your money and your good looks make you proud!
But when the masquerade is over,
this costume you call your body will unravel into the elements again.
A lamp is shining in the heart's palace,
and in its light the world becomes divine.
Once you've found that lamp, don't ever lose it!
Wake up! Wake up! Explore the palace there within you!
Go and meet your beloved!
His love is the love no one sells or buys.

Kabir (1440-1518)


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