Mantra: Dhyaayaamo

Complete Mantra:
Dhyaayaamo Dhavalaavagunthana vateem
Tejomayeem Naishtikeem
Snigdhaapaanga vilokineem bhagavateem
Mandasmita shree mukheem
Vatsalyaamrita varshineem su madhuram
Sam Keertanaalaapineem
Shyaamaangeem madhu sikta soo kteem
Amreetanandaatmikaam Eeshvareem

Meditate on the Mother in the white garment,
Holder of radiant light,
Who follows a strict discipline
Who has an affectionate glance,
Beautiful eyes, capturing God's love.
A radiant smile,
A face adorned with auspiciousness.
Love-nectar she gives so sweetly.
She sings devotional songs most sweetly.
Her complexion resembles that of the rainclouds,
Her words soaked in honey.
She is bliss immortal,
The Supreme Atma Herself.
My Ishtadevi, my object of worship.

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