Mantra: Walking Up the Mountain

Complete Mantra:
Walking up the mountain
And I got you by my side
I got thunder in the valley
And this bone-dry mountain high
Walking up the mountain
Climbing side by side
Walking up the mountain, with you

In the Jemez Ponderosa where the pinons meet the sky
And the hard as granite mountains meet the rain clouds flying by
As you and I look out and see the world spread out below
With different eyes and hearts and all the different things we know
There are cars down on the highway, ten miles to the east
See the glint of distant sunlight in the rat-tat dancing heat
But to you, you see their faces and the failing lives they lead
Then you wink at me and reckon there’s a way I might succeed

With you I’m never certain just exactly where I stand
You scare me when you do the things I just can’t understand
If I slow down you tell me that I’m moving up too fast
If I speed up you tell me, slow down kid, you’ll never last
When I ask you how to live my life, you laugh and ask me why
You tell me I’d be better off to ask you how to die
Come with me we’ll climb up through the sandstone to the sky
Oh Yogi, son of Guru, come and see with your own eyes

As the rain fell on the mountain I saw every human life
Has the value of a raindrop falling from the sky
It don’t matter to the heavens just who lives or just who dies
It don’t matter to the rainclouds where the rain falls from the sky.
As the clouds blew off I saw the stars shining in the night
In the trillion points of light I saw that each one had a life
and if nothing seems to matter, tell me what’s a life to do
He said the only thing that matters is the memory of you

I don’t know where we’re going, won’t you help me find the way
You say it doesn’t matter cause we don’t know anyway
We’ll walk back down the mountain, there beneath the setting sun
See the time of evolution has only just begun.
We’ve got thunder on the mountain and sunlight on the plains
We’re always moving forward, never pass this way again
With a smile and a wink you turn and walk away
Oh Yogi, son of Guru, there’s still a chance you say

Guru Dass Singh

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