Mantra: Sarbung Huntaa

Complete Mantra:
Chaacheree Chhand tav prasaad (By your grace)
Sarbung hunta, sarbung gunta, sarbung khiaata, sarbung giaata.
Sarbung harta, sarbung karta, sarbung praanung, sarbung traanung. (143)

Sarbung karmung sarbung dharmung, sarbung jugtaa, sarbung muktaa (144)

Chaacheree Chhand tav prasaad (By your grace) O Lord, You are the Destroyer of all.
You can reach all creatures, and well known to them.
You know the inner feelings of every one. (142)
O Lord, it is You Who take the life back from creatures and it is You, Who gives them the life.
You are the very life of every one, and it is You, the Power behind all. (143)
O Lord, being present in all, it is You alone Who does all deeds, and take responsibility to do righteousness (Dharma).
Being present in creatures, You are distinctly separate from them. (144)

Dasam Granth

Guru Gobind Singh Ji

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