Mantra: Prabhujee Daya Karo

Complete Mantra:
Prabhuji daya karo. Mana mein an baso.
Tum bina lage suna. Khali ghut may prem bharo.
Tantra Mantra Puja nahi jaanu. Mein to kavel thumko hee manu.
Sare jug may dhundha thumko. Ab to aker banh dharo.

Divine being, have mercy on me. Come, reside in my heart.
Without you, I feel an emptiness. Fill up my hollow entity with love.
I don't know the rituals, chants, and prayers. I just know that I believe in you.
I searched the whole world for you. Now, please come, take my hand and lead me.

More Information:
Prabhuji can be translated as God, the Divine, the Sacred, the Great Spirit, Nature, or Love. One definition of the Divine is that it is an energy, the energy of love which permeates through everything and everyone. Yoga and all Spiritual practice connect us with this energy and help us to stay connected to it in the midst of all life activities and challenges. If we stay connected to the energy of love, we stay connected to the Infinite and to our own essence. The Buddhists say when we lift all layers our true nature is revealed, which is only Love. We are born over again in this world until our hearts are full with nothing but love. This connection and realization is the key to vital health because love has the power to dissolve fear, anxiety and stress, the very emotions which lead to imbalance and disease.

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