Mantra: Na Mantram Na Yantram

Complete Mantra:
Na mantram na yantram tadapi cha na janay stuti maho
Na chaahwanam dhyaanam tadapi cha na jaanay stuti katha(ha)
Na jaanay mudraastay tadapi cha na jaanay wilapanam
Param jaanay maatastwa danusharanam klesha haranam

I don't know how to recite Your mantra, how to worship You with yantra,
Nor do I know how to welcome you or meditate upon you.
I don't know how to pray to you or how to do Your mudra.
Nor do I know how to open my heart to you and tell you of my suffering.
But this I know, Oh MA!
That to take refuge in you will destroy all my sorrow.

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Devyaaparaadha Stotram



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