Mantra: Mangala Saaj Bhai-aa

Complete Mantra:Mangala saaj bhai-aa prabh apnaa gaa-i-aa raam.
Abhinaasee var suni-aa man upji-aa chaa-i-aa raam.
Man preet laagä vadä bhaagä kab milee-ä puran patay.
Sehjay samaa-ee-ä govind paa-ee-ä dayho sakhee-ay mohi matay.
Din rän thaadhee kara-o sayvaa prabh kavan jugtee paa-i-aa.
Binvant naanak karahu kirpaa lähu mohi larh laa-i-aa.

The time of rejoicing has come; I sing of my Lord God.
I have heard of my Imperishable Husband Lord, and happiness fills my mind.
My mind is in love with Him; when shall I realize my great good fortune,
and meet with my Perfect Husband?
If only I could meet the Lord of the Universe, and be automatically absorbed into Him;
tell me how, O my companions!
Day and night, I stand and serve my God; how can I attain Him?
Prays Nanak, have mercy on me, and attach me to the hem of Your robe, O Lord.

More Information:
This shabd is meant to help you find your soulmate and help you overcome loneliness.

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