Mantra: Man aad

Complete Mantra:
Man aad gun aad vakhaania
Teri dubida drisht samaaniaa
Chand sat bhediaa, naad saat puriaa
Soor sat khorsaa dat keeaa
Abal bal toriaa, achal chal thapiaa
Aghar ghariaa tahaa apio peeaa
Aradh ko aradhiaa, sharad ko sharadhiaa
Salal ko salal samaan aaiaa
Badat jai deo jai dev ko
Ramiaa braham nirbaan liv leen paaiaa.

I contemplate the original mind:
the beginning of mind, the beginning of all qualities
At one time, I saw two; Now, I see that God and I are the same.
Drawing the breath in through the left nostril, holding it at the Shushmana,
Breathing out the right nostril, uttering sixteen times the Lord's Name
Breaking down my power, I am now powerless
Soothing my unstable mind, I am now motionless
Being awake in this way (in the body house), I can drink the Nectar.
Worshiping that which is worthy of worship, trusting what is worthy of trust
Like water in water, there is no difference. We are the same.
Says Jaidev, I have meditated on the Lord
And become absorbed in the Love of the detached Creator.

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