Mantra: Kiaa Savanaa, Kiaa Jaaganaa

Complete Mantra:
Kiaa savanaa kiaa jaagnaa gurmukh tay parvaan.
Jinaa saas giraas na veesrai se poore purakh pardhaan.

Karmee satgur pa-i-ai anadin lagai dhiaan.

Tin ki sangat mil rahaa dargeh payi maan.
Sau day vahu vahu ooch rahe uth day bhi vahu karayn.
Nanak tay mukh oojalay jay nit uth samaalen. ||1||

Who is asleep, and who is awake? Those who are Gurmukh are approved.
Those who do not forget the Lord, with each and every breath and morsel of food, are the perfect and famous persons.
By His Grace they find the True Guru; night and day, they meditate.
I join the society of those persons, and in so doing, I am honored in the Court of the Lord.
While asleep, they chant, "Waaho! Waaho!", and while awake, they chant, "Waaho!" as well.
O Nanak, radiant are the faces of those, who rise up early each day, and dwell upon the Lord. ||1

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Mantra and translation courtesy of:

Siri Guru Granth Sahib

Guru Ram Das


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