Mantra: Kashi Vishwanath Gange

Complete Mantra:
Namaameesha meeshaan nirwaana roopam
Wibhum vyaapakam braham wedaswaroopam
Nijam nirgunam nirwikalpam nireeham
Chidaakaasha maakaasha waasam bhajeham

Niraakaara monkaara moolam tureeyam
Giraa gyaana goteeta meesham gireesham
Karaalam mahaakaala kaalam kripaalam
Gunaagaara sansaara paaram natoham
Hara Hara Mahaadeva Shaambho(Bom Bom)
Kaashi Vishwaanaatha Gange

I bow to the Lord of the Northwest(Shiva)
Whose form is liberation itself.
The supreme Brahman, in the form of the Vedas,
Spread out over the whole Universe.
You are without attributes and beyond time,
without any limitation; beyond desire.
You are the sky of bliss. I worship you.

You are the formless One
beyond the Omkar which has it root in you.
You are beyond words, knowledge and the physical world,
Oh Lord of Mountains.
You are the terrifying One who devours time;
which devours everything.
You are the most compassionate one.
All the qualities and attributes of experience,
originate in you,
But the world can never find your end.
I call the names of The Great Lord Shiva
Who lives on the Banks of the Ganges at Kashi(Benares)

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Mantra, translation, and additional information courtesy of:

Shiva Stuti (Ramayana)

Tulsi Das


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