Japji Pauri 20 also known as Bhariai Hath 

Complete Mantra: 
bhariai hath pair tan dayh. 
paanee dhotai utras khayh. 
moot paleetee kaparh ho-ay. 
day saaboon la-ee-ai oh dho-ay. 
bharee-ai mat paapaa kai sang. 
oh dhopai naavai kai rang. 
punnee paapee aakhan naahi. 
kar kar karnaa likh lai jaahu. 
aapay beej aapay hee khaahu. 
naanak hukmee aavhu jaahu. ||20|| 

More Information: 
When the hands, the feet, and the body become dirty, 
water can wash away it all away. 
When clothes are soiled and stained with urine, 
soap can wash them clean. 
But when the psyche is stained and polluted by our shadow self, 
it can only be cleaned by the love of the name. 
Our virtue or our vice do not come by the words we say; 
It is our actions, repeated again and again, that are engraved on the soul. 
You will eat the food that you plant. 
O Nanak, by the will of the divine, we come and go through lifetimes. ||20|| 

The Twentieth Pauri wipes away all your misdeeds when the monsters are nipping at your heels. 


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