Japji Pauri 17 also known as Asankh Jap 

Complete Mantra: 
Japji Pauri 17 also known as Asankh Jap 

More Information: 
Countless spoken prayers, countless loves. 
Countless fire ceremonies, countless spiritual disciplines. 
Countless scriptures, and recitations of the your sacred words. 
Countless yogis, who detach from the world. 
Countless devotees who reflect on your wisdom and virtue. 
Countless the respected, countless the givers. 
Countless heroes who bear the brunt of battle. 
Countless silent sages, vibrating your divine song. 
How can your creative feminine power be described? 
I cannot even once be a sacrifice to you. 
Whatever pleases you is the only good done, 
You, eternal and formless One. ||17|| 

The Seventeenth Pauri brings freedom and resurrection. 


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