Mantra: Janmiah Pooth

Complete Mantra:
Aasa, Mehlaa panjavaa
Satiguroo saachai deea bhayj
Chir jeevan upjeeaa sanjog
Udhrai maahi aae keeaa nivaas
Maataa kai man bahut bigaas
Jammiaa poot bhagat govind kaa
Pargatiaa sabh meh likheeaa dhur kaa. Rahaao
Dasee maasee hukam baalak janam leeaa
Mitiaa sog mahaa anand theeaa
Gurbaanee sakhee anand gaavai.
Saache saahib kai man bhaavai.
vadhee vel baho peeree chaalee
dharam kalaa har bandh bahaalee
Man chindeeaa satguroo divaaiaa
Bhaae achint ek liv laaiaa
Jeeo baalak pitaa upar kare baho maa?
Bulaaiaa bolai gur kai bhaa?
Gujhee chhaanee naahee baat
Gur Nanak tuthaa keenee daat

Aasaa, Fifth Mehl:
The True Guru has truly given a child.
The long-lived one has been born to this destiny.
He came to acquire a home in the womb,
and his mother's heart is so very glad.
A son is born - a devotee of the Lord of the Universe.
This pre-ordained destiny has been revealed to all. (Pause)
In the tenth month, by the Lord's Order, the baby has been born.
Sorrow is dispelled, and great joy has ensued.
The companions blissfully sing the songs of the Guru's Bani.
This is pleasing to the Lord Master.
The vine has grown, and shall last for many generations.
The Power of the Dharma has been firmly established by the Lord.
That which my mind wishes for, the True Guru has granted.
I have become carefree, and I fix my attention on the One Lord.
As the child places so much faith in his father.
I speak as it pleases the Guru to have me speak.
This is not a hidden secret;
Guru Nanak, greatly pleased, has bestowed this gift.

Siri Guru Granth Sahib

Guru Arjun Dev Ji


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