Mantra: Ganapati Om

Complete Mantra:
Ganapati Om
Ganapati Om Jaya Ganapati Om
Ganapati Om Jaya Ganapati Om
Ganapati Ganapati
Tatvamasi Tatvamasi

Om namaste Ganapataye
Tvameva pratyaksham tattvamasi
Tvameva kevalam kartaasi
Tvameva kevalam dhartaasi
Tvameva kevalam hartaasi
Tvameva sarvam khalvidam brahmaasi
Tvam saakshad aatmaasi nityam

A prayer to Ganesha (Ganapati), who purifies and removes the obstacles of the mind. Jaya is hail or
victory, Ganapati means lord of the multitudes.

Gana = multitudes, Pati = lord Tatvamasi = thou art that
Om. Salutations to the lord of the multitudes.

You alone are the visible manifestation of Thou art That.
You alone create all this.
You alone sustain all this.
You alone destroy all this.
You alone are all this. You are Brahman.
You are the eternal, evident Self.


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