Mantra: Dithay Sabhay Thaav

Complete Mantra:
Dithay Sabhay Thaav
Nahee Tudh Jayhi-aa
Badhou Purakh Bidhatay
Taa too sohi-aa
Vasdee Saghan Apaar
Anoop Ramdas Pur
Harihaa Nanak Kasmal
Jaahi Nai-ai Ramdas Sar

I have seen all places, but none can compare to You
The Primal Creator, Architect of Destiny, has established You
thus You are adorned and embellished
Ramdsapur is Prosperous and full of life, and incomparably beautiful.
O Creator! Bathing in the Sacred Pool of Raam Daas, the sins are washed away, O Nanak

More Information:
This is a shabd about the Golden Temple in Amritsar.

Siri Guru Granth Sahib


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