Mantra: Amul Gun

Complete Mantra:
Amul gun amul vaapaar
Amul vaapaareeay amul bhandaar
Amul aaveh amul lai jaa-eh
Amul bhaa-i amulaa samaa-i
Amul dharam amul deebaan
Amul tul amul parvaan
Amul bakhsheesh amul neeshaan
Amul karam amul furmaan
Amulo amul aakhiaa na jaa-i
Aakh aakh rehay liv laa-i
Aaakheh vayd paath puraan
Aaakhay paray kareh vakhiaan
Aaakheh barmay aakheh ind
Aakheh gopee tai govind
Aakheh eesar aakheh sidh
Aakheh kaytay keetay budh
Aakheh daanav aakheh dayv
Aakheh sur nar mun jan sayv
Kaytay aakheh aakhan paa-eh
Kaytay kay kay uth uth jaa-eh
Aytay keetay hor karayh
Taa aakh na sakeh kayee kay-i
Jayvad bhaavay tayvad ho-i
Naanak jaanai saachaa so-i
Jay ko aakhay bol vigaar
Taa likhee-ai sir gaavaaraa gaavaar

Priceless are his virtues, Priceless are his dealings.
Priceless are his dealers, priceless are his treasures.
Priceless are those who come tho him,
Priceless are those who buy from him.
Priceless is his love, priceless is Absorption into him.
Priceless is the Divine Law of Dharma.
Priceless is the Divine Court of Justice.
Priceless are the scales, priceless are the weights.
Priceless are his blessings, Priceless is his banner and insignia.
Priceless are his action, Priceless is his royal command.
Priceless, O priceless beyond expression!
Speak of him continually, and vibrate the string of his love.
The Vedas and the Puraanas speak.
The scholars speak and lecture.
Brahma speaks, Indra speaks, the Gopis and Krishna speak.
The many created Buddhas speak. The demons speak, the demi-gods speak.
The spiritual warriors, the angelic beings, the silent sages,
The humble and serviceful speak.
So many speak and try to describe him.
So many have spoken of him again and again,
And have then arisen and departed.
Even if he were to create as many again as there already are,
They still could not describe him.
He is just as great as he wishes to be.
O Nanak, the True Lord knows.
If someone presumes to describe God,
He shall be know as the most foolish of fools!

More Information:
The twenty-sixth pauree transforms nothing into everything. In your business it banishes loss, misfortune and misery. Translation, transliteration and comments courtesy of Psyche of the Soul, by Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji et al, Copyright 1993 Hand Made Books.

Siri Guru Granth Sahib

Guru Nanak Dev Ji


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